The Meaning Behind the Name

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The Word Maayan is Hebrew for well-spring. Chai means life. Throughout Jewish Literature, water is used as a symbol for the insight of the mind, or the wisdom and secrets of the torah. Every flash of insight is likened to a new drop of water that appears from a subterranean fountain. A wellspring is created when the pool of water that was previously hidden beneath the ground, finally gains momentum, and bursts forth with might to provide vital energy. The philosophy of Maayan Chai is that knowledge is life. Each person has an inherent desire to grow and increase their knowledge. The best learning takes place on one’s own terms, in a free and comfortable social environment, where all those present are able to share and absorb.

Our Services

Maayan Chai offers a variety of private classes and group classes throughout the community and will even come to your home or place of business. Contact us at for information about schedules. Topics include:

· Introduction to Judaism
Get familiar with fundamental teachings, laws, and principles of Judaism and what distinguishes them from other religions. This class includes a historical survey showing famous leading figures, explaining of the Jewish calendar, important holidays, basic rituals and ethics, Jewish life moments—from circumcisions to weddings—as well as a picture of what the diverse Jewish world looks like today.
· Insights into the Weekly Torah Portion:
The Torah has traditionally been divided into segments known as parshiot. On a weekly basis, one parsha is studied and read aloud in the synagogue. In this class, the upcoming weekly parasha will be explored, using classic and contemporary commentaries that will provide participants with a deeper understanding of some of the most familiar, yet perplexing passages and themes in the Bible, as well as their life applications

The Talmud is a profoundly rich compilation of wisdom and tradition. Join us as we enter into an ongoing conversation with the great sages of the Jewish people and dive into the vast sea of centuries of Halachic discussion that has continued relevance for our lives. With its stimulating and mind-sharpening twists of logic, the Talmud reflects the ultimate in Jewish scholarship. Classes for all levels are offered.
· Mysticism:
This course examines basic concepts in Jewish mysticism with a focus on the most oft asked questions such as the purpose of creation , how to overcome struggles, the source and nature of the soul, the afterlife, and the universal effect of our deeds.

“…If a person permits his soul to listen, the soul will soon learn that all it needs to do is remember. Because in some dim and enigmatic way, it already knows all this.”

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in The Thirteen Petalled Rose

Jewish Ethics:

This class begins with an exploration of the simple but profound advice from Mishna – “Ethics of Our Fathers” and ends with an in-depth exploration of life and death as discussed in Jewish law.
Moral and legal problems in medicine are complex; they cannot be analyzed or solved by simple wisdom, intuition, or good intentions alone—they must be studied. Many of these ethical problems, however, have been discussed for centuries.

Through the study of primary sources—both past and present—we will learn the uniquely Jewish legal perspective on these issues to gain insight into the basic philosophy and logic that guides the approach to significant moral dilemmas relating to life and death.

· The Ten Commandments:
These core commandments are viewed as the essential moral fiber of society and the fundamental obligations of religion. But they are often taken for granted. Can you name all Ten Commandments?
Why are these ten so important and so controversial? What constitutes adultery, murder, or theft, for example? How do the Jewish Ten Commandments differ from the interpretation of other ethical codes?
· Create Your Own Class:
If you don’t like what you see or if you have something specific you would rather explore, please contact us and we can create a tailor-made class to meet your needs and interests.

Jewish Life Cycles Don’t let the most important events in your life pass by: be prepared and make your celebration more meaningful and memorable, Maayan Chai offers consulting, crash courses on and the deeper insights into a bar-mitzvah, weddings, brit, Pidyan Haben, and much more.

Special Learning series intro to Judaism, Love and Relationships, Jewish Festivals, and more.

Create your Own Class Maayan Chai offers group or private classes on any topic of your choice, and will come to your office or business for a “Lunch-n-learn” or short class at your convenience.

Counseling Need someone to help with personal issues, difficult questions, spiritual guidance, and more. Maayan Chai offers private counseling free of charge.

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